Wedding Invitation Trends

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Planning - 9/25/2020

Invitations are the first glimpse that guests will get into the type of wedding a couple will have. From color to theme, it's a hint of what's to come. There is a vast array of invitation styles to choose from these days. The choice of stationery types can tell a lot about the couple's style and personality.

Here are some of the hottest invitation trends that we will continue to see as we move into 2021 and beyond:

Eco-friendly: Many couples are going green for their wedding in order to reduce waste, and that starts with their wedding invitations. Recycled paper and plantable seed paper are just some of the sustainable stationery options for earth-friendly couples.
Marble: Marble has become so popular in decor these days, and invitations are no exception. Marble design is growing in popularity and the versatility of colors makes it even more striking. These invitations reflect a modern, elegant, and stylish couple. Another benefit of marble is that it can easily be the theme for the entire wedding from the cake to signs and so much more.
Acrylic: Acrylic invitations are a favorite among couples that are looking for a sophisticated, unique, and luxurious feel. The detail in an acrylic invitation is exquisite and beautiful. Guests will look forward to the big day with anticipation and excitement for what's in-store.
The unconventional: We are seeing the hot new trend of unconventional wedding invites. Anything from wood to jigsaw puzzles, to leather, to balloons, and everything in-between. Creative couples are showing their originality and out-of-the-box thinking with invitations that show their persona in the unique ways they choose to invite guests to their wedding.

Every couple's style and taste is different, let your invitation reflect that, and give guests a sneak peek into the big day. Join us at our next Oklahoma Bridal Show to meet all the talented wedding professionals that you'll need to make the wedding of your dreams come true.