How to Narrow Down Wedding Vendor Choices

Choosing Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planning - 9/17/2020

Given the wide variety of vendors that a couple needs in order to pull off their dream wedding, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Asking the right questions can help narrow down the choices when trying to find the perfect wedding professionals.

Here are a few questions to think about:

Is the vendor within my budget? Once a couple sets their budget, a vendor that is outside of that budget can be easier to eliminate. It's important for a couple to stay within their budget and there is usually a vendor that can fit into that budget. Cost comparison is a great way to narrow down alternatives and couples should be upfront with vendors about what they can afford.
Do we have chemistry? Yes, chemistry is not just important between the bride and groom, there should be chemistry with vendors. When personalities mesh well, it makes for a better relationship between the couple and the vendor. Better interaction can help reduce some of the wedding planning stress.
Are our styles similar? Many vendors have their own style and if it's similar to what the couple wants, then it makes for a better match. For example, if a wedding photographer has a traditional style and the couple wants a photojournalism style for their wedding pictures, they might not be compatible. It's best to go with a vendor whose style is in line with what the couple desires.
Does the vendor have good references? Referrals from other couples or vendors are always a great indicator that they had a good experience with that vendor and would recommend them. Referrals are not always foolproof but it can help narrow down options. Ultimately, a couple should trust their instincts and make the decision based on what is best for them.

The essential thing to remember when choosing a wedding vendor is that there is no perfect vendor for all couples. What each couple is looking for is different and our goal at Oklahoma Bridal Show is to connect the couples with the best wedding professionals for them. Join us at our next show and meet vendors that can help you get the wedding of your dreams.