Things to do if You Had to Postpone Your Wedding

Postponing Your Wedding? Read on!

Wedding Ceremony - 8/21/2020

These unprecedented times have brought a lot of changes to life as we know it. No one saw this pandemic coming and as we all scramble to adjust all our plans, couples have had the unfortunate task of calling off or postponing their weddings.

Here are some things couples can do if they have chosen to delay the big day:

Communicate: Couples should communicate with all their wedding vendors as soon as they make the decision to postpone the wedding. Guests should also be made aware of the change so they can make the necessary adjustments to flights, hotels etc.
Contracts: As tedious as it may be, couples need to go through all their contracts to see what, if any penalties or fees come with the change of date. This is also a good time to go through the insurance policy if one was taken out, to see what is covered to help offset any costs of postponement.
New date: Couples should work with all their vendors to see what's available for a new wedding date. This might be somewhat tricky due to the sheer volume of people postponing and other couples who have those potential dates scheduled originally. Couples should try to be flexible with dates; think weekdays and off-peak wedding season.
Inform guests: Once the new wedding date is established, inform all family and friends of the new date so they can plan accordingly and block off the date on their calendar.

As stressful as this process can be for couples, your love for each other will get you through. It may seem a bit overwhelming but we can help! As the elite wedding show producer in Oklahoma for over 15 years, the Oklahoma Wedding Show can help relieve some of the anxieties resulting from delaying the big day. Our event is a "one-stop" shop for all couples who may need to secure new vendors to make their wedding as perfect as they imagined.