Four Advantages to Winter Weddings

Winter Wedding Benefits!

Wedding Reception - 8/4/2020

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular for brides! While all weddings are special, there's something about the sparkle of a winter wedding. At Oklahoma Bridal Show, we love seeing the beautiful winter weddings and we think it's definitely worth considering!

Here are four advantages of winter weddings:

Cooler weather: Wedding dresses and tuxes can be hot, and dancing the night away works up a sweat! Let's face it, summer weddings tend to be scorching hot, and that detracts from the fun. Winter weddings take advantage of the cooler months. You can have all the fun without the sweat and create a beautiful event.
Off-season: Most people tend to get married in the spring, summer, and fall, so winter is kind of a slow time for event venues and vendors. Brides generally have their pick of the best that the wedding industry has to offer. Some might even offer off-season pricing deals.
Extending the festivities: After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the middle of winter can seem a bit quiet and uneventful. A winter wedding adds some fun to this time of year. Let's think beyond the wedding day for a minute - a winter anniversary will bring a bright spot to winter!
Something different: With the popularity of summer weddings, a winter wedding will be memorable just by being in winter. Everything will be different just because of the change in season. The flowers available, the way the venue looks, the photos - it will all be different from most other weddings but still beautiful in a unique way.

As couples start making wedding plans, think about winter for the special day. To get started with everything you need to know about Oklahoma winter weddings, check out our website, full of venues, photographers, entertainers, and more, to make your dream winter wedding a reality!