Creative Ways to Have a Socially Distant Wedding

Social Distancing at a Wedding

Wedding Ceremony - 7/20/2020

Unfortunately, socially distant weddings are becoming all too popular as we ride the wave of this pandemic. As long as the rules require people to stay 6 feet apart to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, creative ways to have a socially distant wedding have become unavoidable.

Here are some ways to have a safe wedding celebration:

Reduce the guest list: Having a smaller number of guests is the first and most important step to having a socially distant wedding. On the plus side, the couple will save money that can be put towards a honeymoon or saved for a future home purchase.
Unique venues: Many are opting for outdoor locations to help reduce the spread of the virus and allow for social distancing. Botanical gardens, picturesque farms, beaches, and national parks are a few of our favorites.
Seating arrangement: Get creative with seating arrangements. Smaller tables to allow for smaller groups or same family seating may work well and a circle arrangement for the ceremony is a unique and intimate set up.
Food: Keep food options simple and if possible, have food in individual pre-packed containers that guests can even take with them if they choose.
Masks: Have fun with the masks! Perhaps even have some customized masks that will make for great favors for the guests.
Integrate technology: Allow others who want to attend the wedding to join via video conferencing. Zoom is extremely popular but there are other great platforms as well. Encourage guests to dress up so they can feel even more a part of the wedding.

We recognize that weddings will look different for now but no matter what, it will still be a very special and wonderful time. Implementing some of these ideas can allow for it to be done as safely as possible. Oklahoma Bridal Show wishes all our brides a beautiful and safe wedding. Join us at our next bridal show to meet exceptional wedding professionals and get tips to have the wedding of your dreams.