Planning a Wedding around Divorced Parents

Weddings and Divorced Parents

Wedding Planning - 5/10/2020

Divorced parents can throw a wrench into the wedding planning process especially if they are not on good terms. Attempting to accommodate parents and possibly their significant others can be tricky and at times make the planning a little more difficult.

Here are some tips for planning a wedding around divorced parents:

Communicate: Communication is key through the entire wedding process and even more so in this delicate situation. It is important that all parties are on the same page regarding who will be present at the wedding so there are no surprises, especially if either parent will be bringing a significant other. Also, make clear who will be performing tasks such as toasts, who is ushering who, seating arrangements, and so on. Having the plans as clear as possible makes for less tension.
Allocate tasks: Dividing up duties amongst the parents will let them be involved without anyone feeling left out of the special day. Allow the parents to be equally involved in the different parts of the planning and day of responsibilities so they feel loved and included.
Wedding planner: Having a wedding planner be a neutral third party can be great for mediating issues and compromises that will need to occur for things to go effortlessly. The planner will serve as an impartial outsider for both sides and can help make negotiations easier without being accused of taking sides.

Planning a wedding with divorced parents can sometimes feel like a ticking time bomb so be mindful of the issues that may arise and work to reduce tension by addressing all concerns before the actual wedding day to ensure for a more peaceful event. While we at Oklahoma Bridal Show can't promise that divorced parents will be cordial to each other, we can help connect the beautiful couple with the best wedding professionals to help make the wedding day the fairy tale they dreamed of.