Have the Summer Wedding of your Dreams!

Tips for a Successful Summer Wedding

Wedding Planning - 6/25/2020

It may be the warmth of the sun or the beautiful skies but many couples love a summer wedding. For those couples with summer wedding plans, we have some advice to get you through and ensure the day is as fabulous as you dreamed.

Here are some tips to have a successful summer wedding:

Location: If a couple chooses to have an outdoor summer wedding, they need to make sure they take into consideration the heat and pick a spot that has some shade, provide a tent or have outdoor fans if possible. Hand fans can be provided, which also makes for a cute favor or even a wedding program. Doing a mix of an indoor-outdoor location is another great way to allow guest the opportunity to cool down.
Clothing: Choose lightweight, airy, and breathable fabric to keep the bridal party cool. Also, go for light colors and maybe even shorter length dresses.
Drinks: With the heat in full swing, a cool drink can be handed to guests as they come into the ceremony space. The guests will feel special and appreciate the thoughtful gesture.
Games: Have some fun outdoor games set up outside to add some extra excitement to the day and it's a great way to keep guests old and young entertained.
Decor and dessert: When picking decorations, it is important to pick heat resistant decor, some flowers don't do well in the heat. We've all seen those cakes that crumbled slowly under the weight of the sun at an outdoor wedding. Pick a cake that is resistant to heat, buttercream might not be the way to go.
Bugs and sun: We all know summer means bugs and excessive sun, have a station where guests can apply sunscreen and bug spray throughout the wedding. Another great suggestion is to use bug repellent candles and plants around the venue.

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