Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Plan a Beautiful and Successful Multicultural Wedding

Wedding Planning - 4/5/2020

Many couples these days come from different backgrounds. Each culture is unique and represents the bride and groom. Incorporating both ethnicities into a wedding can be tricky but also beautiful and necessary.

Here are some tips for planning a multicultural wedding:

  • Communication: One of the most important things when planning a wedding, especially a multi-cultural wedding, is open communication. The couple should communicate clearly the key things about their backgrounds that they would like to showcase at the wedding.
  • Wedding planner: Hiring a wedding planner that is experienced in planning multicultural weddings, can be very helpful. They can navigate the differences while finding creative ways to combine the cultures in a way that embraces both sides in an elegant way.
  • Food, music and clothing: Food is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the couples' culture into the wedding. The different types of music can make for a fun and unique experience for the families and friends that attend the wedding. Another great way to unite the cultures is to tie in the traditional clothing into the wedding, either through the bride and groom or the bridal party.
  • Ceremony: A couple can include some of their traditions into the wedding ceremony. They can show off their cultures by incorporating little aspects into the ceremony. Some couples have opted for two officiants to tie in both backgrounds beautifully into the ceremony.
  • Avoid Slip-ups: It's essential for the couple to learn some to the major faux pas about the different cultures to avoid inadvertently offending each other, or the families when it comes to planning the wedding.
As challenging as planning a multicultural wedding can be, they are truly some of the most unique and beautiful occasions. Oklahoma Bridal Show is here to connect you with the right wedding professionals needed to pull off your fabulous wedding. Come out to our next event to meet some of the best vendors in the wedding business.