The Bridal Show Boys

The Oklahoma Bridal Shows are a Family Business

Wedding Planning - 3/27/2018

The Oklahoma Bridal Show never sleeps. When one show is finished, another is just around the corner. Sharlene and Ken Monier bought the show years ago as a family business and it keeps everyone busy.

Today's Fantastic Friday Wedding Blog takes a snapshot of Ken and Sharlene's sons Robert Ferguson and Kris Monier.

One is high energy and outgoing, the other is more laid back and good natured. Look at the picture and see if you can tell which one is which before we tell you. . . . Okay, ready? Robert is laid back and Kris is maybe less laid back. Kris and Robert are step-brothers (That's why they have different last names) and when a bridal show is underway, they are front and center to help everything run smoothly.

Together they make a perfect and funny pair as you can see in their interview.

OKBRIDE: Who's the oldest?

BROTHERS: Robert Ferguson (We thought this seemed important. Not sure why, but now you know)

OKBRIDE: Who's the best? Why? (have fun with this one)

BROTHERS: Kris is definitely best for this job. He was more effeminate to begin with ;-).

OKBRIDE: What did you guys think when Sharlene and Ken decided to buy the Bridal Show?

BROTHERS: I (Robert) figured it was a passing fad. I (Robert) had never even heard of a bridal show. (okbride: As it turns out, Robert was MADE for Bridal Shows)

OKBRIDE: How does the entire family pitch in?

BROTHERS: Ken handles sales, Sharlene handles the marketing, Kris manages the crowds, and I (Robert) stand around looking pretty. ​

OKBRIDE: What's your favorite thing about the show?

BROTHERS: The Monday after.

OKBRIDE: How would you like to see the show evolve?

BROTHERS: Maybe a few more venues, but would like to see the current shows increase in size.

OKBRIDE: Do you have families of your own? Do they pitch in?

BROTHERS: Yes and not really. My oldest daughter (We assume this is Robert's daughter) likes to play model occasionally. She's getting too old for flower girl, though.

OKBRIDE: What do you do for fun?

BROTHERS: Sleep, hunt, fish, various shooting sports, play with RC cars (You get to decide which brother does these things. We may offer a prize if you get it right.)

As you can see, these are men of few words, although we suspect Robert is a man of fewer words than Kris. You can meet this dynamic duo at the NEXT Oklahoma Bridal Show October 7th in Tulsa and October 21st in Edmond.

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