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OKBride Chats With Ashley Layden Photography

Wedding Planning - 6/15/2018

Your wedding day is filled with moments that take your breath away, memories of a lifetime. That's why wedding photographers are considered a top tier wedding expense. It should be number three on your wedding budget priorities list.

When it comes to getting emotional about your big day, Oklahoma City-based photographer Ashley Layden is your spirit animal or your spirit photographer. This award winning shutter-bug doesn't just get up close and personal with her camera, she emotionally bonds with her clients and not just on their wedding day. She's top notch with engagement photos and boudoir photography as well.

That's why we're proud to feature Ashley Layden Photography in this week's Fantastic Friday Wedding Blog!

Ashley is a wife, mother, and adventurer who is addicted to coffee, tacos, cupcakes. (We aren't sure if it's in that order, but we're willing to bet coffee is definitely first.) She fell in love with photography as a youngster and when she grew up, decided that's what she wanted to do. With 9 years of experience, Ashley has taken hundreds of thousands of photographs and learned how to run a successful business.

"It's been challenging." Says Ashley, "Yet also the most rewarding and fulfilling adventure of my life."

This Boss Babe says she considers herself more than a photographer. She's a storyteller.

OKBRIDE: Why wedding photography?

ASHLEY: Knowing that I had the opportunity to document what is one of the best moments of many peoples' lives. I wanted to create images that would outlive all of us, images generations would hold onto knowing that this is their legacy.

OKBRIDE: What is your favorite type of shoot?

ASHLEY: I absolutely thrive on empowering women through boudoir sessions as well as documenting a couples' happiest of days! Being able to show women how amazing they are and how others see them as opposed to how they see themselves before their session will never grow old. When it comes to photographing weddings I like to be a source of calm for my brides. I have been known to help my brides get in their dress, put on their garter or shoes for them, grab them drinks, or even help them go to the restroom. I become their right hand. The less stressed they are, the better their day will be and the better their photos will be. My brides and grooms usually become my friends before their wedding is even over. I love capturing the happy tears, the giggles, the nervousness, their first kiss as husband and wife, and all the fun that ensues being surrounded by family and friends.

OKBRIDE: What advice do you have for brides/grooms who are looking for a wedding photographer?

ASHLEY: Couples should look for a wedding photographer that has plenty of experience photographing in all types of lighting situations and all types of weather conditions. I always tell my couple that their photographer should be one of their top 3 expenses after wedding venue and catering. There are only a few things they get to walk away with at the end of their wedding day. Hire a seasoned, experienced wedding professional. Your photos will be worth it!

OKBRIDE: What sort of price range can clients expect for wedding photography?

ASHLEY: My clients, on average, spend $2,700.00 to $3,100.00 on their wedding photos, but I offer packages from $1,500.00 to $3,100.00.

OKBRIDE: How many shoots do you average per month?

ASHLEY: I average about ten boudoir sessions a month, 3-5 engagement sessions, and anywhere from 1-5 weddings a month.

When it comes to engagement photos, Ashley charges $300.00 for session. She advises couples to book early because photographers book months in advance, especially for the prime seasons of Spring and Fall. She highly recommends engagement photos because it allows the couple and photographer to become comfortable with each other before the big day. NOTE: do NOT wear neon colors for your engagement photos. (This is mostly for saucy grooms or brides who are still rockin' the '80's) They don't photograph well, folks. Ashley says you should avoid clothing with logos or words on them and dress for the season. Also, while you don't have to wear matching outfits (please don't, btw) a little color coordination would be nice, but be comfortable!

Learn more at AshleyLaydenPhotography.com