Vintage Wedding Elegance

Forever Borrowed Styling and Decor

Wedding Ceremony - 5/27/2018

Forever Borrowed was founded in January of 2018 by newlyweds, Brandon and Starr Selman. Based out of Oklahoma City, this couple loves pairing vintage finds with a modern twist! Forever Borrowed is your go-to place for statement pieces that will add regal charm to your engagement and wedding photos or wedding day decor.

Picture yourselves sitting in beautiful, velvet, wingback chairs. Imagine your tables glistening with timeless elegance. You don't have to buy timeless elegance or even inherit it. You can rent it!

Need a vintage sofa, settee, or those matching velvet chairs, call Forever Borrowed.

What about champagne flutes, water goblets and other table top decor such as chargers, mix matched china, center piece items, lanterns, candle holders, flower vases, custom signage? What about those things? Call Forever Borrowed. If they don't have what you're looking for, they'll find it.

OKBride: Is use of vintage pieces a new trend in Oklahoma or the nation?

FB: Vintage pieces are definitely used as statement pieces. It's a trend that isn't just here in Oklahoma. Vintage pieces are typically requested because the bride wants their day to have a BIG statement

OKBride: What is the most requested piece?

FB: I'd have to say that it's a tie between our two pairs of chairs. Johnny and June (our Emerald green chairs) and Naomi and Wynonna (our blue velvet cane chairs). These two items have been requested more than any others. Our furniture pieces have been named after Country Stars that we absolutely adore!

OKBride: What is the most unusual thing a bride has asked for?

FB: Branding tool wanting to be used for their ceremony. (OKBride doesn't judge) . . . (Okay, maybe just a little bit)

OKBride: If you don't have something that is requested could you get it?

FB: If we don't have something that is requested, our team works our best to get the item in time for their special day. We always tell our brides that if we don't have something, let us see if we can get it and they can borrow ours for a cheaper price than buying it to stay within their budget.

OKBride: What is the one misconception about your business you'd like to clear up.

FB: Forever Borrowed is much more than a decor rental business. Our team specializes in event planning and coordinating, style and design, and floral. Forever Borrowed has three planning packages offered to help ease the stress of planning your day so you can enjoy the day with close family and friends. Styling and design assistance to design and conceptualize all the details to ensure everything is perfect and to your vision request. Forever Borrowed is known as a "one stop shop" for all coordinating, styling, decor rentals, and floral.

OKBride: Let's talk cost. What sort of range are we looking at?

FB: Our pricing is reserved for the initial consultation where we discuss vision and budget. Forever Borrowed understands each bride has a different vision and budget for their special day. Our price ranges start from $0.50 for borrowed decor and go up from there depending on items borrowed. Styling and coordinating packages vary depending on what is requested but start at $450. Our team ensures you day is perfectly planning, stunning and memorable yet affordable.

When they aren't helping brides with velvet chairs and chargers, the Selmans are mingling in the Oklahoma wedding circuit at bridal shows, venue openings, and open houses. "Things have been better than we could have imagined. These past couple months have been quite busy and we couldn't be happier." You can learn more about Forever Borrowed at their website. Just click here.