Eleven Oaks Ranch Wedding Venue

Celebrating One Year of Bridal Success

Wedding Reception - 5/4/2018

One of Oklahoma's newest wedding venues is taking off like fireworks at a fourth of July wedding reception in the country.

Eleven Oaks Ranch in Luther, Ok just finished it's first full year of business, so okBride.com decided to check in with Eleven Oaks to help celebrate this exciting milestone.

Nestled in wooded land northeast of Oklahoma City, Eleven Oaks Ranch is a joint venture between two couples, Jaye and Ken Payton and Shawna and Lindell Stults. The Stults had the land and the Payton's had 30 years of construction experience. together they would make quite a team.

Jaye says the wedding venue was originally Shawna's idea, one she voiced from time to time when the two women would take their daily walks together. 'It always went over my head.', says Jaye until the day she and her husband helped some friends coordinate a wedding.

'We were like, Oh, goodness. We can do this!'

It took nine months to build Eleven Oaks Ranch from the ground up and the doors opened to Oklahoma brides in April of 2017. According to Jaye, the weekend schedules filled up quickly.'It was busy. Every Saturday was busy'

Hailing from the California side of Lake Tahoe, the Payton's built a mountain lodge that exudes rustic elegance. Roads to the facility are paved and the parking lot is asphalted. Jaye says the asphalt parking lot has turned out to be a lucrative investment. 'They (brides, families, and guests) really like that.' The indoor wedding space is open and can accommodate up to 300 guests. The outdoor wedding ceremony area faces a stand of trees, providing a beautiful, natural backdrop for your nuptials.

2018 is booking up fast. Jaye says 2 or 3 Saturdays remain open and December is open, but like last year, it will be fully booked by summer.

We asked Jaye, what is the secret to your success?

'We love what we're doing and it shows. A lot of times the girls have said they booked because of us. It's been a lovely experience. It's been a lot of fun to see how different girls want their weddings. We've been blessed.'

Booking an event at Eleven Oaks Ranch grants 15-hour access to the venue. Tables, chairs, and white linens are provided. A staff person is on hand at all times to offer help as needed. Staff handles set-up, clean-up, and tear-down.

A weekday booking is $3,500.00 A Saturday booking is $6,500.00

For more information about this wedding venue visit their website at ElevenOaksRanch.com