Wedding Checklist for Jane Doe

12 MonthsCategory Due Date: 2/15/2012
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
AnnouncementOfficially announce your engagement starting with your parents- obviously- then friends and other family members.10/10/2011 Yes picture included 
Bridal ShowAttend a bridal show. OkBride puts on four Bridal Shows a year. In one afternoon you will be able to visit with over a hundred bridal professional as well as view their services and sample their wares. Yes testing 
BudgetCreate a wedding budget using your OkBride Wedding Budgeter. Begin your research into who pays for what. Yes   
Ceremony Consider what type of music you wish to have at the ceremony and the reception.    
Cocktail HourDecide on music for the cocktail hour.   
ConsultantDecide if you want to employ the services of a Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planner. If so- interview several and book one.    
FamiliesIntroduce the families to each other.   
Gown & AlterationsBegin shopping for your gown. Collect pictures of gown styles you like from the bridal magazines.   
Officiant's FeeMeet the person who will officiate the ceremony and set the date. Also review any counciling requirements they may have.   
Rehearsal DinnerVisit several rehearsal dinner sites and book one. Remember the popular ones book early.   
ThemeDetermine the theme or feel you want your wedding day to have.   
Wedding DayReview the calender and set a tentative date for the big day. Depending on your choice of reception or wedding site you may need to be flexible.   
10-12 MonthsCategory Due Date: 4/16/2012
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
AccessoriesReserve any specialty rental items needed for the ceremony such as runners- arches- Chuppah- chair covers- tents- etc.    
Additional Corsages & BoutonnieresDon't forget to count the parents and any additional people you would like to have flowers for such as grandparents, flower girl, and ring bearer.    
AttendantsChoose your attendants. Confirm their availablity. This may have an effect on the date.    
Beverages & BartendersNow is the time to decide on your choice of beverages for the reception. Depending on your choice of reception site they may have bartenders on staff or the caterer can provide them.    
Bride's BouquetYour florist will work with you to design the bouquet that will compliment your wedding gown. Keep in mind some flower prices vary by season. What's inexpensive now may not be on your wedding day.    
Ceremony Site DecorationsDecide what flowers to use for the wedding. Some if not all can be used at the reception as well.    
EntertainmentConsider what type of entertainment you will have at the reception and what musical accompaniment you will have at the ceremony.   
FloristMeet with the florist and discuss your options. Book as soon as possible. Your options will become more limited the longer you wait. If you want to save money use flowers that are in season at the time of year the wedding is being held.   
Flowers for Bride's AttendantsConcider the number of bridesmaids and the color of their dresses when picking the flowers.    
Flowers for Grooms attendantsHave the number of groomsmen and ushers available for the florist.    
Food & ServicesMeet with several caterers. Have an idea of a menu and what you want to spend per person before the meeting.   
Guest ListBegin to compile the guest list. Be sure to include requests from the parents. Also discuss if children will be invited to the ceremony and/or the reception.   
HoneymoonStart thinking about that honeymoon. The early bird gets the least expensive prices. If you plan on leaving the US make sure your passport is in order. You usually need to have 6 months left before it expires in order to use it for travel.   
PhotographerMeet with several photographers/videographers to review their work and discuss options.    
ReceptionBook musicians/DJ for the reception   
Reception DecorationsDecide the extent to which you wish to decorate the reception venue.    
Reception DecorationsDecide on the decorations for the reception.   
Reception siteVisit several reception sites and book one.    
Site FeeVisit ceremony sites and reserve the date for the wedding. Remember the most popular sites go fast.   
Site Fee & RentalsReserve any specialty items you will need for the reception.   
VideographersMeet with videographers to review their work and discuss options. Some DJ services can provide videographers and can work package deals.   
Wedding announcementCreate the wedding announcement for the newspaper. You might want to have a professional photographer take the picture.   
6-9 MonthsCategory Due Date: 8/14/2012
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
Bridal Party MeetingHave a meeting with the Maid of Honor and the Best Man and discuss their duties and what expectations you have of them.   
Bridesmaids DressesShop for and decide on the Bridesmaids dresses.    
GiftsSet up your gift registry. Consider using companies that allow your guests to utilize the internet to complete the purchase and sending of the gifts.    
GownStart looking for your wedding gown. Start with the bridal magazines to get an idea of the styles you prefer.   
Groomsmen's ApparelDecide on the groomsmen's apparel. What color cumberbuns or vests will they wear? Will they wear the same coats as the groom?   
HoneymoonStart planning the honeymoon. If you are using credit card or frequent flier miles for travel book early. The seats are very limited and sell out early.    
Ice SculptureIf you are having an ice sculpture at the reception order it now.    
Invitations Order your invitation and stationary needs. This includes reply cards, calligraphy and postage.   
Invitations/StationarySend save a date cards to out of town guests or if you are planning a holiday weekend or destination wedding send them to everyone.   
Limousine Rental Reserve your transportation needs. Remember that out of town or special guests may also require special accomodations.   
Marriage LicenseReview the marriage license requirements for your wedding location. If you are having a destination wedding check with the resort or your travel agent- if you are using one- for any time in country or paperwork requirements.    
MusiciansBook the vocalist or musician for the ceremony. Most churchs will have their own organist for accompaniment if you choose.    
Name ChangeObtain the paper work required for your name change after the wedding. Discuss any name changes for property currently owned individually.    
Other StationaryOrder your ceremony programs and thank you notes   
ReceptionDecide on the menu for the reception.   
Rehearsal DinnerStart planning the rehearsal dinner. Work with the venue on table configurations- layout of the room- and the tentative schedule of events.    
Rehearsal DinnerDecide on the menu for the rehearsal dinner.   
Wedding CakeMeet with several bakeries and order your weddding cake. Cakes are specialty items and are traditionally handled by professionals seperate from the caterer.   
3-6 MonthsCategory Due Date: 11/12/2012
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
AccommodationsBegin searching for hotel accommodations for your out of town guests. You may want to give them a selection of price ranges. Most hotels will give you a discount on groups of rooms and may even throw in the Bridal Suite for you on your wedding night.   
AccomodationsCompile and send information packages to out of town guests. It should include hotels options- directions to all events and a contact person other than yourself in the event of problems once they arrive. You will have plenty to do. Ask a close friend or family member who is not involved in the ceremony. It will give them a feeling of being a part of the festivities.    
Bachelor PartyTime for the best man to plan the bachelor party. Ask that it not be right before the wedding.    
Bridal ShowerGive a guest list to the bridal shower hostess.   
Bride and Groom's Hotel RoomBook a hotel room for the night if you are staying in town.    
Bride's AccesoriesShop for and purchase gown accesories (shoes- lingerie- purse- gloves) Remember you'll have to dance in those shoes.    
Bride's Hair & MakeupMake an appointment with your hairdresser   
Bridesmaids DressesConfirm the delivery date of the bridesmaids dresses   
Bridesmaids DressesShop for any accessories needed for the bridesmaids bresses.   
CeromonyIf your officiant requires pre-marital counseling now is the time to complete it.    
FinancialIs there going to be a pre-nuptual agreement? How about the beneficiary on any insurance policies? Make the list now so you can sign the papers as soon as you get back from your honeymoon.    
FloristFinalize your plans with the florist   
GownConfirm the delivery date of your wedding gown.   
Guest ListFinalize the guest list and send the names to the calligrapher if you are using one.   
HoneymoonBook the honeymoon if you have not done so by now.    
HoneymoonReview any paperwork or documents needed for the honeymoon. Now is the time to find any errors- not at customs.   
HousingWhere are you going to live after the wedding? Arrange moving plans.    
ReceptionPlan the dance card. Who will dance with whom and when. Beyond that- do you or the groom need a lesson or two to feel more comfortable?   
Veil & HeadpieceShop for your veil and/headpiece.    
2 MonthsCategory Due Date: 12/12/2012
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
Attendant GiftsPurchase gifts for your attendants.   
Bachelor PartyHave the bachelor party.   
Bridal ShowerHave your bridal shower   
Bride's Hair & MakeupMake an appointment for hair and makeup on the wedding day.   
Bridesmaid's LuncheonSchedule the bridesmaid's luncheon   
Bridesmaids DressesMake sure the bridesmaid's have their dresses and accessories.   
CeremonyDecide on your wedding vows or write your own.   
CeremonyReview the details for the wedding with the officiant.   
CeremonyHave the wedding program printed.   
FavorsPurchase favors for guests.   
GiftsHave the groom purchase the gifts for the groomsmen.   
GownBegin bridal gown fittings.   
Groom's AttireGrooms will visit the formalwear shop to get measured.   
Groomsmen ApparealHave groomsmen visit formal wear store to be measured   
Groomsmen's ApparelGroomsmen will need to have purchased any specialty items neede to complete their tuxes.   
His and Her RingsShop for wedding bands. Include the time needed for engraving when setting the delivery date.    
Invitations/StationarySend out the invitations 8 weeks before the wedding day.   
Parent GiftsPurchase gifts for you and your groom's parents.    
ReceptionFind out what the laws are concerning alcohol. Do you need to purchase it or will the caterer or reception facility handle it.   
ReceptionConfirm the menu for the reception.   
ReceptionFind out if the reception facility requires you to purchase a liability policy.   
ReceptionDecide on the music for the cocktail hour at the reception.   
Rehearsal DinnerFinalize the rehearsal dinner plans and order the rehearsal dinner invitations.   
1 MonthCategory Due Date: 1/11/2008
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
AccessoriesBuy a guest book and nice pen for the guests to use.   
Bridal PortraitHave your bridal portrait taken.   
Bridal ShowerWrite bridal shower thank you notes.   
Bride's AccessoriersFinalize your jewelry and something old- something new- something borrowed- something blue list   
GiftsStart writing thank you notes for the wedding gifts that have already arrived.   
GownInvestigate wedding gown preservation.   
Guest LIstCall all guests who have not RSVP'd   
Hair & MakeupGet that last touch up on your hair   
His & Her RingsPick up the wedding rings. Make sure the engraving is correct.   
HoneymoonConfirm honeymoon reservations with the Travel Agent or directly with the airline/hotel if you made your own plans.   
Marriage LicenseDepending on how long the license is good for- go ahead and pick it up.   
MusicConsult with the DJ/Musicians on the "Play-Do Not Play" list.   
Name ChangeMake sure name change paperwork is complete.   
Photo & VideoMeet with the photographer and videographer to go over the schedule and to clarify what pictures will be taken.   
ReceptionBegin setting up the seating chart using the OkBride Bridal Guest List Manager as the invitations are answered. The reception facility and the caterer should have a diagram for you.    
Rehearsal DinnerSend out rehearsal dinner invitations.   
Wedding DayPlan wedding day schedule and responsibilities. Out of town guests must have clear directions to the ceremony and reception. Let family and friends be responsible for getting you and the wedding party as well as the dress, make-up, accessories, etc. to the ceremony site and on time. Give people a written list/schedule to refer to with phone numbers and addresses.   
2 Weeks
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
Bridal PartyPlan a cocktail party fo the bridal party.    
CeremonyDeliver the marriage license to the officiant.    
CeremonyMake sure the officiant, as well as all of the vendors, have a final schedule with phone numbers for use on the wedding day. Have the contact person be a trusted friend or family member to handle the little things that will inevitably come up so you can enjoy yourselves.   
GownHave the final gown fitting.   
Gown & AlterationsPractice walking in your wedding day shoes   
Hair & MakeupHave the groom get his pre wedding haircut.   
Invitations/StationaryGive reception list to the calligrapher to make out the table place cards.    
Marriage LicenseComplete the paperwork and obtain the marriage license.   
PlanningAsk someone to return any rented items for you after the wedding day. ie tuxes   
ReceptionDecide if you are going to have a receiveing line and who will stand in it.    
ReceptionDecide who will give speeches at the reception. Have them begin working on them now. Some people are not used to speaking in front of a group. They need to get busy and practice.    
ReceptionGive the final count to the caterer.   
TransportationMake sure the transportation company has a written list from you of who needs to be picked up- where and when.   
1 Week
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
GownIf you don't have that wedding gown by now go ahead and pick it up.   
HoneymoonStart packing for the honeymoon.   
PlanningConfirm times with the caterer, photographer/videographer, DJ, and all other vendors.   
ReceptionConfirm any final payments to be made to vendors, write out the checks and place in marked envelopes. They should be given to the best man or another trusted individual to be given out on the wedding day.    
Day Before
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
CeremonyFind someone to drive you around on your last day of errands so you can relax.   
CeremonyPrepare the wedding day emergency kit. It should contain all the little things you may need such as aspirin, antacid, sewing kit, safety pins, hairpins...   
CeremonyPut together a bag containing all the small things you need for the day. Shoes, veil, headpiece, and a shirt to wear while you have your makeup done.   
CeremonyRehearse the ceremony with the entire wedding party including the officiant.   
CeremonyGet a good night's sleep.   
PlanningMake sure everyone has their list of addresses, phone numbers,and directions for the wedding day.   
ReceptionDrop off the guest book and pen at the reception site.   
TransportationConfirm transportation plans with the transportation company.   
Day Of
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
CeremonyEat a good breakfast. You will get busy and forget about eating before the day is over and the reception gets here.    
CeremonyGive the best man the rings.   
CeremonyGive the attendants their gifts.   
CeremonyFollow up with the people giving speaches and make sure they are ready.   
CeremonyAfter the wedding plan some quiet time for you and the groom to exchange gifts and catch your breath.    
CeremonyMeet with your parents to thank them and give them their gifts.    
ReceptionGive any checks you have written to the best man for deliver at the designated time.   
After The Big Day
ItemDescriptionDue DateComplete?Notes
FloristHave your bouquet preserved.   
GiftsComplete and mail gift thank you notes.   
GownHave your gown preserved.   
GownArrange for your mom or bride's maid to pick up your gown at the hotel or reception site and hold it until you return from the honeymoon.   
Groom's AttireHave the best man or a groomsman pick up the groom's tux and return it for him.    
LegalComplete any name change requirements still to be done.   
ReceptionHave the caterer or a family member take care of the top layer of the wedding cake until your return.   
Thank You NotesSend thank you notes to the vendors, your attendants and family members who helped with out of town guests.