Budgeter Overview/Help Screen

We have designed the Budgeter to provide estimated budgets for 33 categories. These numbers are arrived at by using a formula that assigns a percentage of the overall budget to each category. The percentages are derived from years of data collected from brides. When you enter the budget amount in your Wedding Data, the budgeter then uses your amount and calculates the budget for each category. The budget of the average wedding in the Oklahoma City area for 2024 is $30,000. There are many higher and there are many lower. If you want to know the truth, there probably wasn’t a single one that that hit that number on the head. You may start your budget planning by entering what you think your budget will be.

Complete? Select Yes or No depending on whether or not you have finished paying for the item. You may also choose Yes if you are not going to use the item at all. ie No Site Fee since you are using your church? Select Yes

If you enter an amount in the Budget Amount field this value will be used in the Budget Report, if you leave it blank the Western PA Area Average Expenditure will be assumed to be the amount you want to budget for the item.

Actual: As you meet with vendors and get solid numbers for each item enter the amount in this field.

Deposit: Record your deposit amounts here.

Due Date: Enter the due date of the remainder of the bill for each item.

Vendor Contact Info: Enter the vendor’s name address and phone number here. This information will carry over to the Vendors At A Glance report.

Notes: This is an optional field for you to keep any information you find important. People’s names, fitting dates, tasting dates, you name it.

When updating a budget item the submit button or enter key must be pressed or the record will not be updated.

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